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With more than 28 years of experience in Environmental Engineering, Inspection and Consulting services, Vepica guarantees the conferment of environmental authorizations and legal compliance for EPC projects in the Oil and Gas (inland and off shore), Chemical and Petrochemical, Energy Generation and Transmission, Mining and Metallurgy, Renewable Energy and Buildings and Infrastructure markets.

Once the type of project, its scope and objectives are established, the corresponding analyzes, diagnoses and studies are executed, taking into account the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development at each stage, to achieve the service’s success.  The following is a description of some of the services that are developed.

Analysis of the Environmental Regulatory Framework permits identification of applicable environmental regulations on projects to be developed, as well as the competent authorities that grant the permits for said projects.

The Environmental and Socio-Cultural Impact Studies are designed as an instrument to predict and evaluate the effects of the development of programs and projects on natural and social environmental elements.

Through Audits and the Identification of Environmental Aspects, the location, company or management system’s conditions are evaluated according to their level of compliance with applicable environmental regulations, company policies, and the terms of the national environmental authority.

Likewise, Specific Environmental Diagnostics and Polluted Sites Assessment are carried out based on methodology established in ASTM standards and guidelines, in order to carry out the so-called Phase 1 (Due Diligence) and Phase II audits, to define the Conceptual Model of the Site and design the Remediation and Sanitation Plan

Through Physical-Natural and Socioeconomic Baseline Studies in areas of interest, the physical characteristics of the landscape, the conditions of the natural resources, the status of service infrastructures and land use, among others, are synthesized. This allows us to obtain basic information on key factors, such as meteorological variables, surface and underground water quality, soil quality, air quality, noise, current conditions and needs etc.

Additionally, the Environmental Inspection Services have at their disposal Environmental Inspection of Projects Under Construction and Dismantling Projects, Environmental Supervision of Sanitation and Restoration Projects, mainly for the Petroleum and Gas sector and Infrastructure.

In an effort to achieve Sustainable Development, which requires reaching a balance in economic welfare, natural resources and society without compromising life on the planet for this and future generations, different areas of knowledge within the Environmental Engineering field are integrated as a discipline within EPC projects developed by Vepica.

In the Waters sector, the Selection and Design of Raw Water Treatment, Potabilization and Effluent Systems is managed.  Inspection and Evaluation of existing plants is also performed to ascertain re-design or rehabilitation requirements.

Regarding Emissions, the following studies are executed:  Air Quality, Dispersion Simulation of Atmospheric Emissions, Inventory and Estimation of Emissions, Diagnosis and Solutions for handling Vapor.

Waste Management Plans, Recovery and Treatment Alternatives Assessment, and Agro-Industrial Composting Systems are in place.  Furthermore, a Simulation of attenuation of the propagation of environmental noise levels is executed, along with control and attenuation Recommendations.

In the Alternative Energies field, the Evaluation of options and Pre-feasibility studies for the recovery of energy from municipal waste (Energy from Waste) are developed along with the management of alternative energy sources: biogas, biomass, and agricultural biofuels.

Finally, integration of all these areas of knowledge results in the Insertion of the Environmental Design Variable, which is fundamental to achieve environmental sustainability in projects. It involves Environmental Design Criteria; Identification and Evaluation of compliance with applicable regulations; Support in the preparation and definition of design bases, implementation plans, specifications and equipment data sheets; and Process Documentation: DBP, DFP, BM, DTI, Services Requirements, among others.

Due to extensive international experience, both in consultancy and in environmental engineering, Vepica Environmental Engineering, Inspection and Consulting Services has ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification, which backs up the service for the obtention of permits and environmental authorizations, as well as proposing solutions to environmental problems that may arise.

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