Laser Scanning & Managing Data

Vepica's 3D Laser Scanning Services specialize in the collection of geometrical and dimensional data of existing assets using state of the art laser scanners and robotic total stations. Bubble view files and Point Cloud data files can be delivered to the Client using our specialized web portal for easy and secure access from the field office or remote locations without compromising control of the data.

Data can be accessed without the use of specialized software. This data is ideal for use in 3D intelligent modeling, 4D Virtual Facility and Asset Performance Management systems. Our services have world-wide coverage due to our long-term technical alliances with Microsoft Azure; Neopoint of Finland and ApplyCapnor of Norway.

Above Ground Scanning

Vepica use Z+F German produced scanners and Leica Total stations and have direct hired technicians and engineers with extensive experience in geodesic activities. We run our own polygonal if required by the project. Adjusted survey network is used to calculate geographical or plant X,Y,Z coordinates for each plant object as per the design plan.

Our own group set of technicians register the data using specialized software while implementing an intensive QA/QC process to eliminate errors during data processing. Vepica technicians are highly trained to work in onshore and offshore locations where demanding safety training is requiered.

Vepica works with Microsoft Azure to host software and data with sufficient redundancy, availability and data security. At the same time, clients may choose to host the data on their own servers and the same care and attention will be applied.

Ground Penetrating Scanning

We collect field data on existing underground utilities including process piping, and electrical ductworks that determine sizing, routing, bearings, elevations, and direction change coordinates using underground metal detectors, piping detectors, ground penetration radars and other field equipment. The field data collected is modeled and linked to the same 3D model.