Oil and Gas

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Vepica is well known for its expertise in executing new build, modification, and maintenance projects for the oil and gas industry. We have 45 years of experience in refining, crude upgrading, development of oil facilities, gas processing and compression, pipelines, hydrocarbon distribution, storage, and terminals across the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. Our multi-office approach offers clients access to this extensive experience at one of the lowest blended rates in the industry.

  • Production Facilities
  • Gas Compression Facilities
  • Gas Processing Plants
  • Refineries and Upgraders
  • Tank Farms
  • Water Injection Facilities
  • Offshore Platform

Chemical and Petrochemical

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Vepica has extensive experience in the development and modification of chemical and petrochemical plants around the globe. We have references in the ethylene and propylene value chains as well as ethanol, chlorine, sulfuric acid, fertilizers, and other basic chemicals. Our portfolio of services includes engineering, environmental studies, construction, and inspection of new and existing facilities.

  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Ethanol Plants
  • Distilleries

Power Generation and Transmission

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Vepica has successfully completed EPC projects for power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities, and has additional experience in providing support services for existing power plants to improve their performance. We offer early consultation support to optimize project cost and viability. Our project teams are mobile and able to easily deploy to new plant locations.

  • Power Plants
  • Power Barges
  • Power Transmission

Renewable Energy

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In 2010, Vepica set out a strategy to enter and grow in the renewable energy sector. We are taking advantage of the increasing opportunities to develop environmentally friendly, clean projects, and then operate them. Today, Vepica is 50% owner, designer, and EPC developer of a 1.8 GW wind energy development in Wyoming, U.S.A.. Vepica has also executed solar energy projects. We are continuously seeking new investment and development opportunities in this sector.

  • Solar
  • Wind

Metals and Mining

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Vepica has completed a series of major new project developments and continues to support small capital and maintenance modification projects in the ferrous metals, distillation, and general industry plant markets. These projects range in size from full turnkey EPC to smaller reimbursable scopes. Vepica offers permitting, inspection, environmental studies, engineering and design, construction, construction management, project management, pre-commissioning, and start-up services. The group has also secured project financing for several major scale projects. We have specialized experience in metallurgical processes, mineral processing and recovery, and in material handling.

  • Iron and Steel Plants

Buildings and Infrastructure

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Since 1972, Vepica's capabilities in the development of infrastructure and transportation projects has grown significantly. We have designed and constructed industrial and office buildings, housing projects, water system facilities, and telecommunications and fiber optics networks.

  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure Buildings: Roads, Bridges, Subway Systems
  • LEED Buildings
  • Industrial Water Treatment Plants
  • Marine Terminals