Vepica can integrate its services as a single provider, fully responsible from Project conception to start-up, or we can offer single discipline support and linked teams. Our role is defined by our clients' needs: E, EP, EPC, EPCM, BOO, BOOT and operation. We can also deliver advanced 3D solutions . All of this allows us to produce the best results, which may also include providing innovative and cost effective commercial and risk models.

We know what it takes to keep your projects in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. We add strategic value to our services by supporting our clients with our experience and knowledge.
At Vepica, we believe in excellence. We have been involved in a wide range of projects providing cost effective solutions that maximize overall profitability.
As a global EPC company, we are able to integrate our services as a single provider, fully responsible for a project from initiation to start-up.
Our financial position remains strong and our focus is on large scale, long-life assets where the long-term goal is to generate sustainable returns.
Vepica's 3D Laser Scanning Services specialize in the collection of geometrical and dimensional data of existing assets using state of the art laser scanners and robotic total stations.
Vepica has extensive expertise in the reproduction of Engineering data and its current as built condition.
Our IT solutions are based on web-based visualization platforms which allow clients to view as-built, intelligent 3D Models linked to selected types of Operation or Maintenance Data.
Vepica provides access to real time data and data analytics for any operating dynamic equipment by charging a recurrent Fee per data Point viewing in our 3D Model.