The ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Nov 12, 2018 6:00:00 AM / by Vepica Corporate


Since 1997, Vepica maintains and continuously improves its quality management system with ISO 9001 internationally certified standards, and in the first semester of 2018, we received the 2015 version of this certification.

The ISO 9001 standard is applicable in any organization because it is a quality management systems standard. It centers on the processes and on achieving customer satisfaction instead of focusing purely on the procedures, and therefore, it is applicable to both manufacturers and service providers.

This quality management system provides the infrastructure, procedures, resources and essential processes to assist organizations in the control and improvement of their performance, and simultaneously to achieve efficiency and excellence in their products, as well as in customer service.

As an international reference in quality management systems, ISO 9001 exceeds one million certificants around the world, companies that hold this certificate are able to transmit their organization’s reputation, commitment to shareholders and customer satisfaction as a competitive advantage.

The new version of this quality management system, ISO 9001 2015, unlike the previous ISO 9001 2008, incorporates more detail to the system with a new structure, concepts and terminology for regulatory requirements, in order to present a superior structure, applicable in all management systems.

At the same time, this new version leads to the development and implementation of a quality management system focused on risks, whereby factors are analyzed and classified as potential risks or opportunities that must be taken into account, considering the negative or positive effect that they may have on a company.

ISO 9001: 2015 reinforces commitment to quality through leadership, encouraging the organization’s leaders to be actively involved in the system. Top management must demonstrate that they are involved in carrying out the key activities of the quality management system, to guarantee that the quality policy and objectives are compatible and coherent with the strategic lines of the organization.

As other characteristics are updated, ISO 9001 is constantly being improved upon, which is why Vepica remains at the forefront of the latest developments, allowing us to continuously renew our quality management system certification.

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Written by Vepica Corporate

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