Our health and safety program has been written in compliance with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Legislation. Vepica’s safe working environment is maintained through a comprehensive HSE program which includes orientations, training, policies, procedures, hazard assessments, inspections, investigations, emergency planning and more. The intent of the program is to ensure every reasonable precaution is taken to guard against injury, loss of life, or damage to property and the environment. Safety is not just a segment of Vepica business; it is a way of life for our people.

We achieved our Certificate of Recognition (COR) in 2014 and has completed two external safety audits, each resulting in extremely high appraisals. Vepica is a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA), is in good standing with WCB and belongs to ISNetworld, Complyworks and Avetta auditing tools, allowing Vepica’s safety record to be transparent to all our clients.


At Vepica, we have a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) applicable to all types of projects, project phases and industries. It has been structured to achieve excellence in project execution and delivery. The QMS is ISO compliant and flexible enough to be adapted to every size of project, and allows us to align with both our Client’s requirements and business objectives.

Vepica has taken a lean approach to management; however, the gains in quality and savings to our Clients are realized with the right processes and procedures. To ensure predictable results, Vepica has implemented a QMS which has interrelated processes that function as a one system.