• Critical Document Upgrade Program
  • Plant debottlenecking
  • Brownfield project prioritization
  • Proactive maintenance identification
  • Maintenance planning and sustaining projects
  • Plant Expansions
  • Tie-ins and utilities
  • Capital projects <$1B TIC
  • Program Management Services
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Basic, FEED, Detail Engineering, commissioning support
  • Studies for Emerging Technologies
  • Technology Commercialization, Piloting and Deployment
  • Conceptual Design
  • Plant Optimization
  • Business case development
  • Economics
  • Project financing
  • Supporting Emerging Technologies
  • Unconventional technology deployment


Project Financing FeasibilityEnvironmental StudiesEngineer Laser Scanning ConceptualBasic FEEDDetail Visualization Cost estimatesQuality, Safety & Environment assesstment and studies Planning & Control Management Subcontracting laborRelationsHealth, Safety & EnvironmentField EngineeringInspection (QA/QC)Local purchasingWarehousing Construction Procurement and ExpeditingMaterials ControlInspection (QA/QC)Traffic and Logistics Procurement Pre Commissioning and Commissioning Studies for emerging TechnologiesCommercialization Piloting and DeploymentConceptual DesingPlant Optimization Harnessing Technology FINANCING ENGINEERING& DESIGN MANAGEMENT EXECUTION O&M CONSULTANCY AND TECHNOLOGY Click here