From Design To Startup

Our Services

Vepica can integrate our services as a single provider, fully responsible from project conception to start up, or we can offer single discipline support and linked teams. Our role is defined by our clients’ drivers; E, EP, EPC, EPCM, BOO, BOOT and operation, allowing us to produce the best results, which can include providing innovative and cost effective commercial and risk models.


Vepica has executed projects with some of the most prominent firms, and maintains long term relationships with our partners around the globe. We are very comfortable working across a range of partnering options, including consortia, contractual joint ventures, corporate joint ventures, profit sharing agreements, and teaming agreements. We ensure that the primary responsibilities of the parties are clearly defined, the project execution plan and communications plan are fully developed and there is a balanced sharing of risk and reward. We actively seek opportunities to set up new partnerships and joint working arrangements.


Vepica’s core Value is our client focus. We have always worked as a team with our clients, demonstrating our client focus on small, medium, and large projects both domestically and internationally.

The quality of the work that has gone into the project to date is far and above the best that I have seen in my career of developing and launching projects and companies in both the power and process industries. You, your team, and your company, should be very proud of what you have accomplished.