Vepica is made up of over a thousand talented, dedicated, and highly experienced individuals who passionately support our clients on a daily basis.

We execute our projects with excellence, finding innovative ways to bring our clients' projects to life. Vepica’s professionals collaborate with colleagues around the world to safely provide the highest quality project deliverables- on time, within budget and at the lowest blended rate in the industry.


Our strategy of having a local presence while maintaining global project execution capacity is based on our Virtual Office Approach. In this way, we achieve synergies between our offices and make the best possible use of our resources, maximizing the benefits to our clients.

Worldwide Collaboration

The Virtual Office would not be possible without our commitment to deploy the best technology, collaboration, and productivity tools: running the latest-generation software; and staffing all of our offices with highly qualified personnel.

This strategy gives us access to a broad talent pool using standardized processes, work share procedures, and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the delivery of high-quality projects.