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Nov 26, 2018 6:00:00 AM / by Vepica Corporate

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Since 1982, Vepica possesses an Inspection Unit that develops non-destructive testing, assurance and quality control of projects. It has a workload capacity of 430,000 MH and over 2,000,000 MH of experience.

This unit is composed of professionals in the areas of Mechanics, Metallurgy, Civil, Electricity, Instrumentation and Safety, who specialize in Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical, Basic Industries, Private Industry, the Electrical Industry and Workshop contractors that provide services to the industry.

At the same time, it maintains solid management commitment, safety procedures and practices, audits and inspections, continuous training and information, project support, emergency plans, continuous improvement, and safety, hygiene and environmental policies. In addition, the Inspection Unit employs a Security Management System that has guaranteed Vepica’s certification in ISO 9001 international quality standards.

Inspection Services offered include, Workshop inspection, Start-up / Predictive / Mechanical Integrity Inspection and static equipment inspection: pipes, pressure vessels, storage tanks. Likewise, Quality Assurance and Control (QA / QC), Pre-commissioning and Commissioning, Start-up and Operation and Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management services.

When performing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Vepica’s Inspection unit uses two techniques: Conventional Techniques, which include Magnetic Particles (Ferromagnetic Materials), Industrial Radiography (Detection of hidden defects in materials and welded joints), Ultrasound UT (Inspection of floors, ceilings and Storage Tank walls), Penetrating dyes (Non-porous materials -metals, plastics, ceramics-) and Visual inspection (Detection of superficial defects with normal or corrective vision).

Likewise, the unit’s Advanced Techniques involve: Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) (Detection of indications and defects in welded joints and other industrial components; Corrosion mapping; Evaluation and dimensioning of indications); Instrumented Tools [Pigging] (Pipeline cleaning; measurement of Internal geometry; Magnetic flux leakage inspection (MFL); and Guided Waves Ultrasonic Testing (GWUT) (Inspection of pipe lengths in hard-to-reach areas, quickly detecting internal/external corrosion and other defects).

With a history of more than 36 years of experience in project and tank inspections, Vepica’s Inspection Unit differentiates itself by having highly trained staff who are in constant training, working under the strictest safety standards.


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