Sustainable buildings: solar energy innovation

Jul 16, 2018 10:00:00 AM / by Vepica Corporate


SPECIFIC, the Innovation and Knowledge Center of the United Kingdom led by the University of Swansea, designed the first positive energy buildings, in the country, that generate more energy than they consume in the country. In its first year of operation, one of the buildings, better known as the "Active Office", generated more than one and a half times the energy it consumed, according the research team’s report.


Buildings currently represent around 40% of the UK's energy consumption. However, this new structure leads the way to a new generation of low carbon offices that produce their own clean energy supply.


The Active Office combines a range of innovative technologies that allow the generation, storage and release of solar energy in an integrated system, which includes:


  • A curved roof with integrated solar cells, that demonstrates the flexible nature of the laminated photovoltaic panel.
  • A photovoltaic thermal system on the south facing wall - which is capable of generating heat and solar electricity in one system.
  • Lithium-ion batteries to store the electricity generated and a 2,000-liter water tank to store solar heat.


In 2013, Vepica ventured into the area of positive energies, constructing its Headquarters in Caracas as the first LEED Silver Certification building in Venezuela.


This certification seeks to promote the construction of low environmental impact buildings, both during the construction activity and the operational stage of the building.


As a model of our commitment to the environment, and framed within the LEED Certification process, we designed and constructed the building incorporating photovoltaic panels on the roof, with a maximum generating capacity of 45 KwH, which contribute almost 10% of the daily energy requirement for the building. This small solar farm is the largest photovoltaic installation on a building in Venezuela at this time.



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