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  • Coke drums (Corpus Christi Refinery)


  • Revamp and the expansion project of the Puerto La Cruz Refinery (Valcor)


  • Cerro Negro crude upgrader


  • Water Injection Facilities/SIMCO


  • 4 de febrero offshore platform (Corocoro Project)


  • Condensate sweetening – stabilizing plant, and hydrocarbon cracking plant in CPG Cactus. PEMEX Gas y Petroquímica.


  • Installation of additional compression in the Jusepín Complex


  • Pumping Stations for an Oil Transport Company


  • El Sitio generation plant, Termocentro complex


  • Floating electric plants / Josefa Joaquina Sánchez Bastidas (Tacoa) Generation complex


  • Del Sur Solar Power Farm


  • Ansell Minehead 03-06 Compressor Station (30 MMscfd)


  • Oil Fractionation Units for Channel view Refinery


  • Mistral Power. 7MW, waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU)


  • Vitasul Fertilizer Plant



Founded in 1972, Vepica is a multinational company with more than 40 years of experience in engineering, procurement, construction, and management projects (EPC/EPCM). For the past three consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015), Vepica was ranked amongst the first 225 international design companies, by the Engineering News Record (ENR).


With more than 40 years in operation, Vepica has ample experience in the design of large scale projects. This process includes team work in the different disciplines, in any of our operation centers around the world, to obtain results that go beyond what is expected, and that provide solutions that are novel, quick, on time, within budget, and according to the construction needs. We use the latest technology that allows us to evaluate and validate our designs and make the proper decisions in a timely manner.

We use spearhead 2D and 3D design technology, as well as execution and material controls. In 2014 we concluded the implementation of SP3D for the design and modeling of our electronic working models, of SAP PS for project control, and of SPMaterial for the control of materials and follow-up of sub-contracts. We also started implementing “Foundation” as a platform that integrates 3D designs, and to control technical documents.

In order to complement our engineering services, Vepica partnered with the Company Edoxx Technical Services, with headquarters in Houston, specializing in Smart 3D modelling, reverse engineering and laser scanning of existing facilities. These services add value to our existing design and 3 D modeling capacities for the conceptual and detail engineering of oil and gas facilities on land and off-shore, of industrial and energy plants, and of petrochemical plants.

Thanks to this unique combination of talent, technology and experience, we have developed the capacity to support our clients from the beginning, and throughout the life cycle of their projects, placing us for three consecutive years among the first 225 design companies in the world in the Engineering New Record (ENR).

In these 40 years of operations, Vepica has developed significant experience and capacity to execute EPC and EPCM projects anywhere in the world that our client requires it, from the conceptualization phase to the startup. Throughout more than 4 decades, we have developed systems, procedures, and specifications for the management and control of our major projects, to give our clients an execution based on excellence.


We have more than 40 years of experience in procurement activities for highly complex projects, both in oil and non-oil businesses. For the purchase and import of equipment and materials, we have established alliances with recognized international procurement companies that have supported us in the procurement and purchase operations for our projects worldwide.

We focus our efforts to provide our clients with a service that proposes integral solutions throughout the whole supply chain, and establish a close collaboration with our suppliers, to have deliveries on time, and meet the established deadlines.

Construction management

We support our clients when executing the construction of projects with varying levels of complexity, obtaining results within the established time and budget, meeting the needs of the client, the market and the geographical location, following international quality, environmental, and security standards, which allows us to audit, control, and improve our processes continuously, and monitor the performance of our contractors.

Project management

Vepica has acquired a successful experience in project management, representing the interests of our clients, integrating engineering, procurement, and construction activities in large scale projects, in a safe and timely manner, with the required quality and within budget.

With more than 35 years of experience, we have a valuable capacity to execute high complexity projects. The Vepica inspection and 0&M unit has a 4 million man hour experience and an annual capacity close to 400 thousand man hour, specializes in:

Non Destructive Test
Predictive, preventive and corrective inspection
Quality assurance and control
Commissioning and start up
Operation and Maintenance

The Environmental and Water unit has more than 20 years of experience in the oil industry, providing integrated services in engineering, design, consulting and project management.

Environmental Consulting
Atmospheric Pollution
Environmental Remediation
Agricultural Engineering

We strive to maximize the profitability of your projects

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals supports our clients in the search for funds to finance their EPC and EPCM projects, within a reliable legal framework, negotiating a smart financing structure.



Vepica contributes to sustainable educational, social-economic, and environmental development, through four Social Responsibility programs in all its operational offices, including volunteer services, environment, education and health, recreation, and sports.



Work with us

Our most important asset is our workforce, composed of the best professionals, who are prepare, committed, and focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients.

At Vepica, our professionals have the opportunity to work in a challenging environment, where talent, technology, knowledge, and creativity combine to deliver innovative solutions for every project we execute. If you are looking to empower your career, chances are Vepica has the right opportunity for you.


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